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MonaLisa Touch

What is MonaLisa Touch®?

MonaLisa Touch Rye Brook, NY MonaLisa Touch® is a cutting-edge system to treat women with hormone-related problems and changes due to menopause. The system consists of a special slim wand that is inserted into the vagina. The wand uses a laser which internally treats the tissue in the vagina. The use of laser energy promotes the production of collagen naturally to thicken the walls of the vagina and restore a normal and balanced vaginal pH for the normal function of the vaginal mucous membranes. MonaLisa Touch® was specifically designed to be used on vaginal tissue. Without the need for painful surgery or long-term drug use, the MonaLisa Touch treatment produces for great results with little pain. It is relatively painless and no anesthesia or painkillers are required. Most women achieve maximum benefits from a series of three treatments provided 4-6 weeks apart.


Who can benefit from the MonaLisa Touch procedure?

Women with conditions that are affected by hormonal change, such as vaginal atrophy, breast cancer survivors and those who have had a hysterectomy often find the treatment beneficial. The symptoms of these conditions, especially pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness and itching, urinary pain and urinary incontinence are very distressing and can be alleviated with the MonaLisa Touch® system.

MonaLisa Touch® therapy can treat:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Pain with intercourse and urination
  • Frequent/Urge urination
  • Urinary incontinence


What happens during the MonaLisa Touch procedure? Is it safe?

The MonaLisa® Touch treatment uses a special fractional CO2 laser. This laser has been created specifically for applications in gynecology. No anesthesia will be needed and treatments will take about five minutes. The MonaLisa® treatment is very safe and approved by the FDA. For the best results, three treatments should be administered approximately 4-6 weeks apart. The procedure should not cause discomfort and it can be performed at the annual well-woman exam.

Dr. Hyeeun Kwon is a trained and licensed MonaLisa Touch practitioner:

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Patient Reviews

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“To find out that there was actually a laser that in 3 treatments could possibly provide me with what I hadn’t been getting in the last 10 years of trying. I was ecstatic. I think having the procedure helps me to feel like I can be in touch with just being a woman again. It can really affect your self-confidence, your self-esteem. And so I think that was a plus that I wasn’t really considering, that happened.”

– Lori

“It really wasn’t until I realized that this was my body that was having the reaction due to menopause. I noticed a difference after my first procedure and then going back for the second there was a huge difference. Between the second and third treatment, a total opening, a softening, receptivity, sensitivity, that I haven’t had for years and years. Probably what MonaLisa Touch gave back to me, it gave me back confidence and made me want to date again. It made me feel like I can have a full relationship. I feel like I don’t have to hold back any more. I can just bring everything that I have back to the table, because I was holding back before and now I don’t have to.”

– Melinda